domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011

Me and my research

Today I am feeling lost about my research. It seems like I am getting existential about myself since I started my Ph.D applications. I feel like I have reached one of those points in life when life-changing decisions are made. Starting a blog was the best idea that came up to me.

I decided to name my blog ''Me and my research'', in a reference to a seminal talk called ''You and your research''  given by Richard Hamming during the Bell Communications Research Colloquium Seminar, in 1986. Hamming made several important contributions to mathematics and computer science and was recognized with the Turing Award, the highest prize given by  the Association for Computing Machinery, in 1968. The talk is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about how to do great research based on lessons learned by a successful scientist along his career.

In this blog I will talk mainly about computer science. In particular, my posts will discuss publications, events, problems, and ideas related to algorithms, data mining, graphs, social networks and others. I do not really expect that this blog is going to be useful to someone besides myself and some colleagues. It is itself an experiment on my capacity of writing about my research. Let's see how it works.